Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How to make a salmon salad

Hi everyone in today's recipe ill be telling you how to make a fresh and juicy and summery salmon salad, which would be perfect for lunch at work or on the go this salmon salad is also perfect in the summer time. Also for when its a really hot summers day and you fancy something really fresh and juicy, I hope you enjoy.

Ingredients you will need
  • bagged salad leaves        1 bag
  • green  pepper                 1
  • yellow pepper                 1
  • Cucumber                      1/2
  • medium sized tomato's    8
  • new potato's  cut in half  24    
  • 2  Salmon fillets cooked and cooled to at least room temperature               
  • balsamic vinegar     

Step 1- Put all of your salad leaves into a colander and give them a wash then leave them to drain.  

Step 2-Chop your half a cucumber in half then chop the cucumber in small into small chunks then put all the chopped up cucumber into a small bowl

Step 3-Chop all your tomato's in quarters then put all of them in another small bowl  

Step 4-chop the top of your green pepper and take the middle out and take out all the seeds and then chop it into strips then into small bits, Then do the same with the yellow pepper

Step 5- cook all your new potato's then once there cooled down chop them all in half then stick them in another small bowl.

Step 6-Then flake off big chunks off both your salmon fillets then stick them in a bowl aswel.

Step 7-Finely to assemble the salad put a load of the salad leaves at the bottom then put in all the tomato's and the cucumber and all the peppers in the salad then drizzle over some balsamic vinegar. 

Step 8- then scatter around the potato's on the salad and the same with the flaked salmon then drizzle some more of the balsamic drizzle over the salad(This is optional but you could then you toss everything through the salad.

Step 9-The salmon salad is now ready to be served.

TIP-For the best results, do not over-cook your salmon!


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