Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Kitchen knives and there uses

Hi everyone in this post ill be talking about Kitchen Knives. Ill be telling you what each knive is and what it is called. I will also be telling you about what the uses of each knive is.

A Chefs knive- A Chefs knive is the most commonly used knive. It is used for chopping, slicing, precision cutting, crushing and carving. The most commonly used size is 25cm however u can get smaller versions of the chefs knive.

A Paring Knive- This small knive which has a blade about 7cm long has many uses. It can be used for peeling and trimming, cutting and turning, garnishes and creative work, which includes fruit and vegetable carving.

A Palette Knive- The palette knive is also known as a spatula it is neither sharp nor generally used for cutting. There are two forms: one is a straight broad blade with a rounded end and the other is the same except that there is a double bend or crank in the blade.The straight blade is used for mainly for lifting, shaping and scraping.

A vegetable peeler- There a number of different types of vegetable peelers. Most have a two sided internal blade, which is hinged at either end so that the blade can follow the contour of a vegetable whilst removing a fixed thickness of material.

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